BCM 325 – Future Cultures: Digital Artefact Pitch


Below you’ll find a video pitch for a Digital Artefact project I am completing in a subject at university called Future Cultures. This subject examines the tensions between representations of our future in popular science fiction films through the ages and our lived realities.

I have been interested in podcasting as a medium for a long time now, and I feel this idea and subject seem to fit well into the project. As both Josh and I are creative writers, it is also an opportunity for us to not only explore writing for this medium, but also get feedback outside of the writing workshops of university. And of course, to build a portfolio of work and online presence.

The premise of the podcast came to me whilst I was listening to a discussion in my documentary class about how we might make a collaborative documentary while our contact is restricted due to the COVID-19 virus.

With the virus and general upheavals in society – especially in Australia with the fires and floods at the beginning of the year – this project seems timely. However, it is important to me that this project still maintain a light and fun tone, its primary purpose being an entertaining look at the future.

We are aiming to have short episodes, about 10 – 20 minutes in length. This length will be easy enough for us to produce alongside our work and university schedules, and should allow for more rapid prototyping and adjustment to feedback.

Timeline of when work will commence on each aspect of the project.

Although the overall mood of the podcast will be lighthearted and geared to entertainment, the episodes themselves we will also try to explore the various ideas of the future that have been presented by theorists and in the media in the past.

We will also be creating a WordPress blog and social media channels to help promote the podcast. This will hopefully grow our audience and can be used to gain feedback from our audience. This might guide the podcasts development in the future.

The book referenced in the video pitch is ‘Putting the Science in Fiction: Expert Advice for Writing with Authenticity in Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Other Genres’, edited by Dan Koboldt, It is a quick reference guide for writers on all things science fiction, and covers everything from wildlife biology to the weapons used in ‘Star Wars’

Koboldt, D 2018, Putting the Science in Fiction: Expert Advice for Writing with Authenticity in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Other Genres., F & W Media, Incorporated.

* Note: video re-uploaded due to issues with audio cutting out.

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