BCM 325 – Future Cultures: Digital Artefact Beta

It’s been a few weeks since I first pitched my Digital Artefact idea for BCM325 Future Cultures. As I have been working on it and have received feedback, the project has changed a little. Previously, Josh Sorensen and I planned to write and produce a podcast set about 30 – 40 years in the future about two isolated individuals, who having missed the apocalypse, find each over radio and try to discover what happened. The difficulties of producing this podcast with the lockdown and remote learning have proven to be substantial. Combined with a suggestion from some feedback that I blog about the writing process, both Josh and I have shifted our focus primarily to writing.

My plan for this project now is to focus on writing:

  • working towards completing the scripts and have some posted online,
  • Producing a few short blogs on the writing process, and 
  • Working on some of my other ongoing writing projects. 

I go into more detail about this all in the video below:

5 thoughts on “BCM 325 – Future Cultures: Digital Artefact Beta

  1. Allison, it’s lovely to see that you and Josh were inspired by audience feedback to expand the story, plot and therefore the size of the project. Blogging the process of your writing is also another great idea that will create a deeper audience appreciation and connection to your work. I understand your shift in focus from recording to writing due to the expansion. However, perhaps it would also be beneficial to start recording some of the earlier episodes that you have already written and release them slowly whilst you continue to write (that is, if this series is being written chronologically.) I don’t doubt that you will produce a great DA and that it will be an amazing addition to your writing portofoli. However, it might help you gain more of an audience if you release it gradually rather than all at once. Once again, I’m very excited to tune in when possible! 🙂

    This is perhaps not relevant to this project in particular depending on it’s size, however, here is an article written in December of 2019 which provides a list of paying podcasts who are looking to buy speculative fiction podcast material. https://curiosityneverkilledthewriter.com/10-podcasts-accepting-mostly-speculative-short-stories-paying-markets-9f28ad477f34


  2. Hey Allison, I’m really impressed with your BETA and I thought your video was informative, engaging and visually appealing. This is such a great idea and project and I hope your continue making podcasts after this subjected has concluded. My favourite aspect of your digital artefact is how relevant the ‘apocalypse’ theme is right now during this pandemic. I can see the potential for a lot of people tuning into your podcast while isolating during COVID-19. It is also refreshing to see a project based around fantasy, which is the step before innovation. Therefore, I believe you capture the technology aspect of the assessment perfectly.

    In the cyberculture lecture, they talk about how at times cyberculture has been imagined as, being uniquely liberating for society, and pro-democratic, anti-capitalist and anti-corporate. So what better way to capture these themes than a fantasy stories about the apocalypse. This is a great article listing the best apocalyptic fantasy podcasts and maybe it could be useful for some inspiration?


    I reckon it would be great to see your podcasts animated by someone in the future as well! Good luck with your scripts and your ongoing projects!


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