Future Cultures Tweets – Ghost in the Shell to 2040

This post follows on from my first reflection on live tweeting for the first half of BCM 325 – Future Cultures and continues to look at what were my most effective observations and tweets from the second half of the semester.

Week Six – Ghost in the Shell (1995)

This tweet fed into the recurring motif of the eye that I had been tweeting about throughout the semester and also included a creative decision by the director which has proved a popular addition to previous tweets. It was by far the most popular tweet from this week, earning 8 retweets and about 3800 impressions. 

The second tweet that also proved popular was this one, which linked to the ideas of Transhumanism that had been spoken about in the subject lectures:

Week Seven – The Matrix (1999)

Written and directed by the Wachowskis, The Matrix is a sci-fi staple and certainly has a lot of content that can be discussed.

As an avid reader of Greek mythology, I quickly picked up on the allusions to Morpheus, and the cleaver ways this was used in the film. While not linked to lecture content, this tweet was well received and garnered a lot of attention.

I’ve done a lot of film and cinematography analysis in the past, and tweets such as theses always seem popular, especially with other cinematography and editing nerds.

Week Eight – Robot and Frank (2012)

Tweeting about allusions to classical literature in film again proved popular this week with a discussion of the parallels to Don Quixote.

The second tweet was particularly popular, earning the most engagement and impressions that week.

Linking to the subject content, particularly the weeks focus on cyborgs, produced another successful tweet which generated quite a bit of discussion in the comments section.

Week Nine – Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

This week was a treasure trove of possible topics for a film nerd like me. Of course, the tweet that garnered the most attention was the latest instalment of the unofficial ‘eye’s in sci-fi’ series that I have been focussing on throughout semester, with over 50 impressions.

References to classical literature took second place with this tweet examining the parallels between the main villain and the famous line and staging from William Shakespeare’s hamlet.

And CGI, special effects, and behind the scenes made a comeback from earlier weeks and took the other top positions.

Week Ten – Ready Player One (2018)

After the visually stunning Blade Runner 2049 where I could include a lot of screenshots and analysis, I was surprised at the popularity of some of my tweets from this week. 

Naturally my tweets that questioned the creators responsibilities in incorporating pre-existing material and compared Ready Player One to a previously watched film (The Matrix), were very popular and generated some discussion in the comments.

But once again, my most notable tweet highlighted connections to classical literature.

Week Eleven – Alita: Battle Angle (2019)

The top two tweets for this week, earning over 80 combined engagements, dealt with the representation of violence and character strength.

These tweets performed well within the class, but also garnered outside attention in the comments from accounts not related to the subject, making them particularly impressive.

Analysis of set design, this time paired with a discussion on representation also generated a lot of interest and was one that I particularly enjoyed searching for screenshots for.

Week Twelve – 2040 (2019)

The final week took a departure from the sci-fi genre to look at documentary, and whilst the change in genre was nice, I found the documentary itself was quite hard to tweet about.

My most popular tweets linked the issues discussed in the documentary to real world examples.

Expanding on the information in the documentary also proved popular, and the comments confirmed I was not the only one who found the information in the documentary itself somewhat lacking.

Well, that’s it for the semester. I’ve rather enjoyed the live tweeting for this subject, and it is perhaps something I will return to at a later stage.

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